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What does “comfort zone” mean to you? When I think of a comfort zone the first two words that come to mind are safe and familiar. And, who doesn’t love that feeling of being content, and worry-free? It’s so easy to just stick to one particular area because it’s within your level of comfort.

But, there comes a time when you reach a crossroad. You can either continue to go down the same path that you’ve grown accustomed to, or you can take your first steps into the big scary unknown. I’ll be the first to admit that being slightly uncomfortable or unfamiliar with something can come along with anxiety. But how will we grow? How will we fully immerse ourselves in all that this world has to offer if we don’t take chances? Sometimes it’s alright to do something out of the ordinary. You may even thank yourself for it.

Why bring up the topic of Comfort Zones?

The beauty world is constantly changing and evolving. Makeup is just one of those things that can put your comfort level to the test. There are endless possibilities and numerous color selections.

When I first started experimenting with makeup I would stick with only neutrals. I strayed away from anything that took me too out of my comfort zone. The main reason being because I have a darker skin complexion. I was completely unaware of what shades would work for me, and which one’s would not. In my mind, I didn’t want to step out of the house looking like I had on clown makeup. Or looking like I did my makeup in the dark.

Red Lipstick? Forget about it. Bright Eye Shadow? Absolutely not. Blush? Never. I remember seeing other people rock a red lip and just being in awe at how incredible and simple they made it look. I wanted to try it, but again I was so nervous.

It wasn’t until I purchased my first Red Lipstick that I began to step out of my safe zone. The brand was CoverGirl and I got it from Walgreens on a whim. Let’s just say that wearing it definitely opened up my eyes, and widened my horizons. My lips were stained from the constant use, but I loved it. From that moment on, I began researching and trying out other colors. There were so many choices that I had completely ruled out.  I became so obsessed with the way that the bold colors looked against my skin, and that further contributed to my love for makeup. I no longer felt that only neural colors suited me. My entire makeup routine came full circle once I stepped out of my comfort zone and went for it.

We all have a comfort zone that we generally tend to stick with. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but there is also nothing wrong with trying new things. I’m not saying that in order to step out of your comfort zone you have to wear bright bold colors and red lipstick. Beauty comes from within, and only you know and can define what your comfort level is.

As I’ve aged, I’ve learned to love and appreciate my deep skin tone so much more. I’ve discovered which shades compliment and bring out my features, and which one’s do not.  I’m sure that others can probably relate to that- no matter what your skin tone is. Believe me, I’ve had to learn what all works for me. Occasionally, I still get it wrong and end up buying a nude lipstick that makes it look like I just got done eating powered donuts. Which is never the goal, but it happens.

Every shade, is not for everybody. You just have to find what works best for you.

Until next time,

x Anjhanee



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