jouer cosmetics: jet-set lip kits (swatches)


Retail: $25 (each)

Shades: Berry & Plum Tones, Nude Tones, Shimmers and Pearls, Pink and Rose Tones

*swatches at the end of post*

I’ve been eyeing Jouer Cosmetics for awhile now, and finally I’ve made my first purchase! I’m such a sucker for a good lip product, so I just could not pass these up. The lip kits are a part of Jouer’s recently released Jet-Set Collection. The collection itself features a number of different products ranging from an eyeshadow palette, to the cutest travel bags. It’s a very nice collection, and is advertised as Limited Edition. So, if you’re wanting something I’d act fast before it’s gone!

Something to note: with each kit you get a full size Crème Lip Liner, a mini Long-Wear Lip Topper and a mini Long-Wear Lip Crème Liquid Lipstick. I did see a few people complaining about the size of the products, but the entire collection is all about helping you create your perfect on-the-go looks. So, the concept of the smaller items is to make it easier to travel with I’m sure. Yes, the minis are indeed mini but you get a good amount of product and a little goes a long way with these Lip Kits. The overall size of the case that the lip kits come in is a little longer than an iPhone Plus, just thicker. It’s the perfect size to throw in a carry-on, or in any decent sized bag.

Now, I’m sure that ya’ll know that some lip products just do not work out. Some formulas just make it impossible to wear the product, no matter how pretty the color is. A swatch on your hand or arm, does not compare to actually wearing a product on your lips. It’s two totally different things. I love to test products out before I really weigh in on the quality. For me, it’s important to have a lip product that I can wear for at least half of the day before needing a major touch-up. Being that I literally just received these lip kits yesterday, I will be sure to keep ya’ll updated on how they wear over time.

So, as soon as I got my hands on these I went ahead and did a couple of quick hand swatches to see the colors. I had never seen these lip kits in person, so the only thing that I had to go by were the pictures. And, as I was searching I couldn’t find a whole lot of swatches online to go by either. Luckily, my expectations were succeeded. The colors are so gorgeous which you will see for yourself from the swatches. I did go ahead and wear one of the shades (Le Baie) for about five hours, and I ate dinner with it on. As I stated earlier, it’s still to soon for me to really say how all of the shades wear. The lip creme and liner alone are very matte and do not budge. But, I did find that once you apply the lip topper it makes the product very transferable.

I was half expecting the lip toppers to be more like a gloss. I myself am not a fan of glosses because they generally tend to be more on the sticky side, and I just can’t stand the feeling. However, the lip toppers are creamy and more like a lipstick in consistency. They have the shine of a gloss, without the stickiness. I really like that. Jouer offers a few toppers so I may just be checking out more. It’s a fun way to add some shine, and an entirely new look to your favorite lip shades.

A couple quick things that I noticed about the lip kits:

The scent of the product is on the sweet side, it smells like cake or frosting. Personally, the smell is not overwhelming and once it’s applied you can only smell it faintly. I know that some people are sensitive to smells, so that is something to keep in mind. You can smell it the strongest in the lip crème.

The liner is a twist-up, so you do not have to be bothered with looking for a sharpener. Super convenient. Also, I found the liner to be extremely easy to apply. It glides on, and you do not have to have a heavy hand with these at all. The same goes for the lip crème and lip toppers. The lip crème is super easy to apply and dries down within about two or so minutes. The shades are build-able, and I found that adding more coats did not cause anything to cake up or feel uncomfortable.

All three of the lighter shades, at least for me were a little patchy. I really had to work with them, and apply numerous coats to really get the application how I wanted it. Again, you may not have this issue but I just wanted to put that out there.

The packaging is not my favorite, but it is so nicely done and reminds me of luggage. Which really fits with the collections theme, so I think that’s cute. Overall my favorite of the set is Le Baie, and I’d say that my least favorite is Le Perle.

Those are my thoughts on the Jouer Lip Kits. Did any of y’all purchase anything from this collection, or thinking about it? Let me know.

Until next time,

x Anjhanee

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