kathleen lights x colourpop: dream st. palette (swatches)

Dream St.

Retail: $16.00
Finish: Matte, Metallic, Satin
Shades: Neutrals, Oranges/Corals, Golds, Pinks, Blues/Teals, Reds, Browns


*swatches at the end of post*

Ya’ll I have been eyeing this gorgeous palette for quite some time now! As if I needed another eyeshawdow palette. But, when Ulta is having a 20% off deal (which brought the cost of the palette down to $12.80 + tax) I just couldn’t help myself. Now, I know that this is not a brand new palette but can you ever really have too many swatches?

The Dream St Palette is the first eyeshadow palette that I have purchased from Colourpop Cosmetics. I own several of their liquid lipsticks which are amazing, but for some reason I had never tried any of their palettes. The overall size of the Dream St Palette is pretty small. You still get plenty of product, but my first impression of the actual palette size was that it was much smaller than I expected. Again, maybe this is the standard Colourpop palette size but with this being my first I had nothing to compare it to. I actually found that I kind of enjoy the smaller size palette though for storage and travel purposes. It’s lightweight and can fit just about anywhere.

I’ve always been such a sucker for pretty packing, and this palette did not disappoint in that department. The packaging is very dreamy which coincides with the overall theme. I find the colors in the palette to be very versatile, which for me is super important. I aim to have products that I can wear both to work and for leisure. All of the shades in this palette are so gorgeous, but my favorites at the moment would have to be: Star Dust, Water Bearer, Potion, Elfish, and Mermaid Boy. I definitely feel that you can create a number of different looks all with this one palette. There is a good mix of both neutral shades, and bolder shades. However, I did find that it takes a couple of good swipes to get the true colors to show, but the shades are very

My one con with this palette would be the amount of fallout, especially with the metallic shades. You can barely tap the shadow, and fallout will fly everywhere. Believe me, this made swatching a complete pain but it was worth it.

Take a look at the swatches below, and tell me what’s your favorite shade? Have any of ya’ll purchased the palette yet or are you thinking about it?

Until next time,

x Anjhanee

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  1. June 6, 2018 / 7:25 pm

    I’ve heard only good things about this palette! The colors look beautiful, so it only makes sense, hope to see something you create with this soon ! Nice post girly !

    • June 6, 2018 / 8:06 pm

      There’s so many different looks that can be created with this palette. Thank you so much!

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