morphe: the mega matte collection (swatches)


retail: $9.00 (each) or $35.00 (set)
Finish: Matte
Shades: classic cherry red with blue-red undertones, watermelon red with neutral red undertones, signature crimson red with deep rich red undertones, power red with blue brick-red undertones, cayenne red with orange-red undertones
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*Swatches at the end of post*

You know that love at first sight feeling? Well, I definitely experienced that when I saw the swatches for this collection. Now, to some this may just be yet another red shade collection. But, is there ever a such thing as too much red lipstick? No, no there is not.

As far as how the shades wear, I’ve yet to wear them a full day so I will keep you updated on how they wear as time goes on. I just recieved them yesterday, and I wanted to go ahead and get this post up. For now, I will share with you my initial first impressions of this collection.

It pretty much goes without saying that red is such a classic and universal shade. Just about every makeup brand has a red, or multiple reds. That being said, in comparison to some of my favorites from other brands these just do not stack up. Honestly, I’m pretty underwhelmed by the collection. I really wanted to love these shades a whole lot more than I actually do.

Calling these lipsticks ‘mega’ matte is a bit of a reach. To be matte lipsticks, they are not very pigmented or very full coverage. It takes several really good coats before you start to see the true shade of the lipstick. I do believe that these are the first Matte Lipsticks from Morphe, so perhaps with time and customer feedback they’ll improve the formula. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a lot of brands will re-evaluate and tweak products to improve the overall quality. I do love the pricing of these, $35 for five lipsticks is not a bad deal at all.

Now, let’s talk about packaging. I really like the look of the packaging, it’s very sleek. More of a modern look, which I’m not usually into but it works. One thing that I noticed right away was how cheap the tube material feels. It literally feels like if you were to squeeze too tight, or drop it on a hard surface the entire tube would crack. One of my lipsticks actually broke apart as soon as I twisted it up for the first time. It completely separated from the bottom, and the entire stick fell out. That could just be a shipping error, but either way it really stinks to have a brand new lipstick break apart in less than a minute. And let’s not even talk about how difficult it is to swatch a broken lipstick. Ugh.

If I had to choose my favorites out of this collection, they’d be the shades Morphe and Dominate. Even before I received my lipsticks those two stood out to me the most. I can’t wait to really play and wear these shades.

Take a look at the swatches below and tell me your favorites!

What’s your go-to red lipstick shade/brand, and did you get anything from this Morphe Mega Matte Collection?

Until next time,

x Anjhanee

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Morphe Swatches (1)Morphe Swatches 2


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