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Retail: $17.50 (each)

(15) Limited Edition Shades

MAC Cosmetics just released their limited edition ‘Oh, Sweetie Collection’ which got me thinking and inspired this post. I commented on a photograph of the packaging for this collection on Instagram, and it brought up a little debate. The comments were mixed, but most people were surprised to see that this was a MAC Cosmetics collection. Why? Well, because this collection just seems so left field for MAC. I mean if it wasn’t for the name being on the tube, you’d never even guess that it’s a MAC product. A lot of people have stated that they thought it was a Lime Crime or Cake Beauty release. I can even see Beauty Bakerie releasing this collection, especially with shade names like ‘Wild Blueberry Frosting‘ and ‘Banana Muffins‘ just to name a couple. MAC describes this collection as a scented lip colour with a mousse-like texture in funfetti-bright, frosted opaque hues.

Now, don’t get me wrong being the sucker for packing that I am I do think that the packaging is super cute! The overall ‘sweet treat‘ theme is fun, and perfect for a summer release! But does it make me think of MAC… no. I’m all for brands evolving and growing, and in order to keep interest I’m sure that it’s required to go with the times. But, are beauty brands feeling the pressure to tweak their overall brand and product releases to make them more Instagram/YouTube/Blog worthy? Is swoon-worthy packaging more important than the actual quality of the product? Is having a popular Influencer fawn over the product more important than sticking with what your brand is known for?

MAC was one of the very first beauty brands that I fell in love with when getting into makeup. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on that sleek black matte bullet-style tube of lipstick. Everyone knew when you pulled out a MAC lipstick, and you could easily spot it in a makeup collection. It stood out for all of the right reasons. It wasn’t flashy, but that signature look sure made a statement.

We all have different opinions and overall likes and dislikes. I couldn’t even imagine being behind a beauty brand because you do something one way, people don’t like it. You try it the other way, and people still may not like it. You can’t please everyone, it’s just the way that the world works. I do give MAC tons of kudos for stepping out of the box. I have really liked some of the other changes to packaging that they’ve done with previous collections. But, none of them seemed to cause quite the stir that this one is making. Which, may be exactly what MAC was going for. The perception seems to be mixed from what I’ve seen, and a lot of people who have purchased the product are pleased.

Are any of you planning on getting anything from MAC’s ‘Oh, Sweetie Collection?’ Personally, I think it’s going to be a miss for me. I’ve never been a fan of glosses (or gloss- they just don’t do it for me. But, I’m sure that there are others who love this collection! Take a look at the packaging below, and let me know your thoughts!

Full disclaimer: I haven’t tried the product so I can not speak on the quality. This post was just inspired by the comments/debates that I’ve been seeing online in regards to how this collection fits in with MAC’s overall brand.

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