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One day while scanning my Instagram feed, I saw a few posts about a palette called Do It For The Graham by Beauty Bakerie. I had never heard of this brand before, but I’m always looking for new products to try so naturally I looked more into the brand. Let me just say that I pretty much feel in love with every single thing about Beauty Bakerie. As you can probably guess from the name, the entire aesthetic of the brand is bakery themed. Everything from the product names to the packaging coincides with that theme. Baking is one of my favorite hobbies, so I about freaked over how cute the packing is! Every item is so well thought out, and cleverly named. Aesthetic wise, Beauty Bakerie is definitely right up my alley. I’m a lover of cute things, sue me. Also, Beauty Bakerie is a Vegan and Cruelty-Free Brand which is always amazing.

Now, let’s fast forward to how this entire (accidental) haul came to be, shall we?

A few weeks ago, Beauty Bakerie had a restock and 30% off site wide sale which I happily took part of. Gotta get those deals when you can. I did realize that after the sale ended, a lot of items that were not listed on the website suddenly appeared. Like, the items were no where to be found during the sale. I’m not sure if that was intentional, or they just didn’t have the stock of certain items to have them included. So, perhaps I’ll do a second haul later on with other items that I’ve got my eye on. For now, I’m going to be giving my first impressions on everything that I picked up in my Beauty Bakerie Haul. I also wanted to do a wear test of the products before I put up this post, so I will share a few things that I noticed while using/wearing the products. Without further ado… let’s get into the haul. This will be a pretty long post, because I picked up quite a few items! Hopefully you’ll stick around, as always all swatches are at the end.

 In each package you receive a little do’s and donuts guide to help you achieve the perfect ‘bake’. Each Beauty Bakerie product has it’s own set of ‘baking tips‘ to help prolong wear, and achieve the best results. Beauty Bakerie’s foundation comes in 30 different shades, which I love because it makes it much more inclusive. Being a chocolate girl myself, I know firsthand just how difficult it can be to find shades that suit a darker skin tone. I’m always so nervous when buying foundation/concealer online, because there’s no way to match the color correctly. But, the reviews for the Cake Mix Foundation and Cake Face Concealer were so good that I just went for it. After much deliberation, I decided on the Cake Mix Foundation in #7 and the Cake Face Concealer in the shade Cool Beans. I definitely feel that my true shade would be somewhere in-between shades #5 and #7, but no such shade exists. #7 blended great with my skin, but it could be just a pinch darker. The foundation seemed to have a reddish undertone to it, because once on my skin it looked more red/orange like. Now, Beauty Bakerie states that you should apply their Wake & Bake Hydrating Face Oil before applying the foundation. However, the face oil is always sold out on their website so I was unable to get my hands on it. Instead, I did my normal face prep and applied some Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Skin Primer. I used my Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush to blend it in, and the application went on smoothly. It does appear to dry pretty quickly, so you definitely have to blend fast. The Cake Face concealer dries extremely fast, and I truly mean that. This is not the type of concealer that you can dot all over your face and slowly blend. No ma’am, you have to work one section at a time and blend immediately as it makes contact with your skin or it will be impossible to blend out. I personally, felt that the foundation and concealer gave me great coverage but it made my face look too ‘cakey‘. Not in a bad way, but I just prefer for my foundation to look more natural, if that makes any sense. I will be using the foundation more, and really seeing how it works over time. Hopefully, I can figure out what caused the patchiness but I do like some aspects of this foundation. It’s by no means my favorite, but I’m going to give it another shot. The setting powder I really like so far, and the ‘flour’ bag that it came in was the cutest.

The Cake Mix Foundation itself has a smell to it. It’s not a sweet smell, or really a chemical smell either it’s just a bit odd. I know that some people are sensitive to smells, so I thought it was best to point it out. It’s not a super heavy smell, but you can definitely smell it all day as you wear it. One of my biggest draws to this foundation was that everyone has been raving about the staying power, and how well it holds up in the heat. I have extremely oily skin, and the temperate has been between 99-102 degrees here in North Carolina. That means a whole lot of blotting to ensure that I don’t look like a shiny disco ball before lunch. I will say that I wasn’t shiny, and the foundation felt comfortable on my skin. It’s also super non-transferable as stated, which is incredible. By lunchtime however, my foundation looked a mess. It started to oxide really bad and it made my skin look patchy in places. Especially around my mouth, nose, cheeks, chin, just everywhere. Being that the foundation is so non-transferable, I had the hardest time trying to cover up the places that had become patchy. The foundation doesn’t budge. Which can be both a blessing, and a curse. I honestly felt that my foundation looked awful by the end of the day. I wasn’t oily, and did not have to blot all day like usual but the patchiness was terrible. Up close my face looked like a dalmatian. I’m unsure of what caused the foundation to separate and move all over my face in the way that it did, but it really made me dislike it.

Let’s move on to the Matte Lip Whips, shall we? Now, during the sale these were the only lip products available. Beauty Bakerie also sells Metallic Lip Whips, and Creme Liquid Lip Whips. I was half expecting the Lip Whips to have a sweet smell to them, which would have been awesome. However, the Lip Whips have a very chemical like smell. They definitely don’t smell like the delicious treats that their named after. Yes, the overall staying power is incredible! Seriously you can eat, drink, kiss, whatever and it is not going anywhere. However, my lips felt so dry underneath the Lip Whip. I exfoliated my lips beforehand, but it really didn’t help. It kept feeling like I needed to put on chap-stick all day. Granted, Matte lip products in general all have that slightly drying feeling, this was way worse. I also found that the center of my lips started to completely dissolve as the day went on, and the corners of my lips started to feather. With the Lip Whips, you have to be precise. I can’t stress that enough. Once you apply this Lip Whip, it’s practically stuck. And, you can not let your lips touch until it’s completely dry because they will stick together extremely bad. Beauty Bakerie recommends that you use their Lip Whip Remover Wipes to take it off, but that product was sold out so I didn’t pick any up. I find that taking some baby oil on a cotton round takes it right off! I did mess up though, and almost took my bottom lip off completely because I tried to quickly change my shade before work. Bad idea. I thought that I could take a makeup remover wipe and remove it without ruining the rest of my makeup, and it did not work. The baby oil method is by far the most effective way to remove the Lip Whips without having to seriously scrub and scrub. Plus, it saves you the $14.00 that Beauty Bakerie wants for their Lip Whip Removal Wipes. I will say that I was a little disappointed in the Matte Lip Whips overall. I don’t know if I just expected more or what, but in comparison to some of my all time favorite Liquid Lipsticks these were just alright. The shade selection was nothing spectacular, and I found that the darker shades all went on extremely patchy. Each shade requires multiple coats to really get a consistent application, and I don’t really see them being worth the $20 each price point.

Finally, let’s talk about the Do It For The Graham Palette. Now, this Palette is always sold out. Personally, the palette just didn’t really do it for me. It’s not a palette that you ‘have to have‘. And with so many palettes out there, it’s definitely one that can be skipped. All of the shades in this palette, I already own. I also wish that Beauty Bakerie had named the shades in this palette. I know that not every brand names the shades, and it’s really not a big deal but I like shade names. Especially since the Coffee & Cocoa palette along with the Lip Whips all have such cute names. It just seems like the palette was an afterthought for Beauty Bakerie. The shades are creamy, but not very pigmented. There is also a considerable amount of fall out, and you do have to be a little heavy handed to get the true shade. Plus, in my opinion the entire palette just has a bunch of random colors in it. There doesn’t seem to be a true overall theme. For the $38 price, I just expected more. Plus, the pans in the palette literally turn when you dip a brush in them. It could just be the palette that I received doing that, but it made me nervous. The last thing I wanted was for my shadows to fall onto my lap. Now, the Coffee & Cocoa Palette is much more pigmented, and has some truly awesome shades in it. I love this palette and the fact that it can be used for eyeshadow, highlighter, blush, and contour! A little definitely goes a long way, and one light tap gives you so much product.

The makeup bag was a last minute purchase, but it’s bigger than I expected and is really cute. The Coffee & Cocoa Palette fits in there as do all of my Lip Whips. The Do It For The Graham Palette does not fit in it, just to give you a size comparison. I think it’s a fun little makeup bag to store all of my Beauty Bakerie goodies in, and it’s pink.

Finally, we’ve reached the end. Told ya’ it was going to be a lengthy post, but I hope ya’ll enjoyed it!

Have any of ya’ll purchased anything from Beauty Bakerie or do have your eye on something? Also, what are your favorite goodies from the haul? My favorite Lip Whip shades from the haul are: Raspberry Tiramisu, She’s Just Jelly, Chocolate For Breakfast, Cranberry Stiletto, and Mon Cheri.

Until next time,

Anjhanee ♡



  • She’s Just Jelly Matte Lip Whip$20.00
  • Versailles Matte Lip Whip$20.00
  • Cranberry Stiletto Matte Lip Whip$20.00
  • Cake d’Ivoire Matte Lip Whip$20.00
  • Chocolate for Breakfast Matte Lip Whip$20.00
  • Raspberry Tiramisú Matte Lip Whip$20.00
  • Gingersnap Matte Lip Whip$20.00
  • Mon Chéri Matte Lip Whip$20.00
  • Do It For The Graham Palette$38.00
  • Coffee & Cocoa Bronzer Palette$38.00
  • #7 Cake Mix Demi-Matte Foundation$28.00
  • Cool Beans Cake Face Concealer$24.00
  • Flour Setting Powder (Translucent)$24.00
  • I Just Cake A Lot Makeup Bag$12.00

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  1. June 29, 2018 / 7:13 am

    That’s one hell of a haul hehehe! I’ve been seeing a lot of BB on Instagram and Youtube so I’m tempted to try out their products. I have to check if they’re sold in Europe, though.
    Love xxxx

    • simplyanjhanee
      June 29, 2018 / 2:19 pm

      Same here. I kept seeing a lot of things about BB so finally I was like, okay let’s give it a go! Hopefully you can find it there! If not, I’ll personally deliver a box of goodies, lol. Europe is so on my bucket list of places to visit. 💛

      • June 29, 2018 / 6:12 pm

        there’s a ton of cool places to visit out here 🙂

  2. June 26, 2018 / 11:14 am

    I’m a very minimal person so I don’t do too much shopping when it comes to makeup. However, I’ve just decluttered not to long ago of some lipsticks and only have 1 ! Wanted to have 5 total. They look gorgeous on your arm, did that take multiple coats to or was it just on your lips?

    • simplyanjhanee
      June 26, 2018 / 1:10 pm

      I need to declutter again, so bad! I couldn’t even imagine only have 1 lipstick, major kudos girl! The shades are gorgeous! The swatches on my arm too about 2-3 swatches each to really get a good consistency. On my lips they each take about 2, with the second coat mostly for filling in all the areas that the first coat didn’t get. The darker shades were patchy though, and took about 3-4 coats depending. Honestly, my favorite liquid lipstick formula are the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lippies. Those are incredible! (:

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