milani cosmetics: gilded desires- face & eye palette (swatches)


Retail: $20.00

Finish: Matte, Metallic, Pearl Highlighters

*swatches at the end of post*

Believe me when I say, that I do not need anymore eyeshadow. However, when Milani releases a palette this gorgeous… you just gotta’ do it. My last time purchasing from Milani was about two-years ago, and I wasn’t very pleased with it. It was a lipstick in the shade Nude Creme that went on entirely too patchy, and just wasn’t for me. After numerous attempts to make it work, it just became one of those forgotten items in my makeup collection. Ever since then, I just haven’t purchased any Milani products. I’m going to be honest, Milani is one of those brands that I just sort of forget about sometimes. I have no idea why, but I do. After this purchase however, I will definitely keep this brand on my radar.

Now, let me just start out by saying that for being only $20 the Gilded Desires Palette looks pretty luxurious. Milani’s packaging in my opinion is always classy with a touch of sophistication. The Palette is a little smaller in size than I expected, but it would be perfect for travel. Perfect for throwing in a carry-on, or even a good size handbag. Plus, the palette has a very generous sized mirror which is great for those on the go touch-ups. All in all, I feel that for the price point Milani really out did themselves in the packaging department. I’ve purchased other palettes with a much higher price point that didn’t even compare in quality, and lacked a mirror.

Milani describes this palette as: An all-in-one eye and face palette that can take you from desk to date night glam. I definitely agree with that statement, due to the color selection. There is a total of 12 shades in the palette, and two highlight shades. This palette is pretty versatile, and can be used to create a number of looks. There is enough of a selection to go nude, or glam it up! The Metallic shades are pigmented, and apply so evenly. One tap and you can clearly see the true shade, but they can also be layered and built up easily. The shades themselves feel silky and creamy like, if that makes any sense. There is very little fall-out with the Metallic shades in this palette, but the two lightest Matte shades (Naked Truth, Sweet As Honey) had a ton of fall-out. Both of those shades looked like I’d been using them for weeks, just after swatching. As soon I tapped my brush into them, it literally crumbled in the pan. Which is a huge bummer due to the fact that both of those shades are right below the mirror. So of course all of that fall-out is now covering the mirror, which really stinks. The Matte shades in this palette were a little disappointing, and I felt that it took a heavy hand to really get a good and consistent layer. I also felt that the Matte shades both on the lid, and on my arm faded very quickly. The two brown shades (Crazy For Cocoa, Wood You Join Me) in the palette barely even show up on my skin tone, which you can see from the swatches. The black shade (Black Tie Affair) is the best and most usable Matte in the entire palette. I’ve yet to do a proper wear test, but I don’t see the Matte shades making it an entire day. The two highlight shades are both very pretty, but not my cup of tea. I prefer a more subtle highlight, and I feel that on my skin tone these shades are a little too light. They blend very easily, and if you are someone who prefers a more striking highlight then you’d like the shades.

I’m not sure if anyone else enjoys shade names, but I really do. The shades in this palette have really cute names that really coincide with the actual shades themselves very nicely. This is one of those palettes where I feel like the shades look so much better in person, than they do in a swatch. I had a time trying to swatch these and kept having to go over the Matte shades again and again to get a decent color payoff. If you’re looking for a new palette to try given the price point, I’d say give it a go. You definitely get a good variety for the price, but it’s not a spectacular palette or a have to have kind of purchase. The formula on the Matte shades could be improved greatly, but the Metallic shades are awesome! I really wanted to like this palette a lot more than I do, but I’m excited to play with it over time and create some looks.

Which shades in the palette are your favorite? My favorite shades are: Time To Un-Wine, Desire For Gold, Love Addict, Just Bronzing Around, The Olive Of My Life, and Champagne Wasted.

Did any of ya’ll pick up the Gilded Desires Palette or thinking about it? Let me know!


Until next time,

Anjhanee ♡






  1. July 4, 2018 / 2:52 am

    I’ve heard so many great things about this palette and your swatches make the shades look so beautiful, I think its such a fair price for a good palette too so I’ll have to try and get my hands on one!
    Sophie – x

    • simplyanjhanee
      July 4, 2018 / 10:51 pm

      It really is a fair price, and great quality. Win, win. 💛

  2. July 4, 2018 / 1:30 am

    Ahhh it’s so pretty! I’m crap and makeup but the colours in this pallet make me want to at least attempt. Love addict looks absolutely gorgeous!

    Arshi |

    • simplyanjhanee
      July 4, 2018 / 10:52 pm

      Isn’t it? Ah, go for it! The only way to improve is to practice. Love Addict really is a gorgeous shade. 💛

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