4th of july flag cupcakes (recipe)


Baking is one of my favorite past times, but due to the fact that we’re in the middle of a renovation I haven’t been baking nearly as much as I’d like. However, I love to celebrate the holidays so I knew that for the 4th of July I wanted to whip up some goodies! I decided to do two different 4th of July themed desserts this year. I also whipped up my very first cake roll which you can check out, here. I am a firm believer in tasting while I cook, so I don’t always follow a recipe verbatim. Sometimes I like to put my own spin on it, and use the recipe as more of a guideline. For these super cute Flag Cupcakes I used this recipe from Christy Denney’s (The Girl Who Ate Everything) Blog! Christy’s blog is filled to the brim with delicious recipes for every taste-bud, and every preference. If you’re looking for some recipe inspiration, I’d highly recommend checking out her blog!

When it comes to recipes, convenience is key. There’s nothing worse than having to go store hopping just to find an ingredient for a recipe. Especially during the Holidays when the stores are the busiest, and have the worst open hours (if any). The majority of the ingredients used, I already had on hand with the exception of (strawberries, blueberries, powdered sugar). Originally, I was going to make a homemade cream cheese frosting instead of the vanilla buttercream, but I decided to give the vanilla buttercream a shot. However, the recipe adds lemon zest to the cake mix and it’s optional to add a little to the frosting. Personally I’m not a fan of a super lemony taste, and was considering not adding any to the frosting. But, it’s such a small amount that you can’t even tell. The only bad thing about the frosting is that it melts super fast. Which is not ideal for how hot it is, especially when trying to get decent pictures. However, it is very tasty and not super sweet. The recipe is not specific on how much food coloring to use, but I got the Wilton Brand gel colors and added 10 drops of the red to get a really vibrant color. I mixed it with my white batter to give the inside of the cupcakes a ‘striped/marble’ like look. Which, I forgot to take a picture of (sorry). To check the inside of my cupcakes to see if they’ve baked enough, I used coffee stirrers. They don’t make a huge hole in the top of the cupcake, and they are usually pretty cheap. I have so many packs of coffee stirrers that I got on clearance at Walmart, so this a great way to use them up! Usually I use tooth picks, but coffee stirrers are a great alternative when you’re out.



These Flag Cupcakes were so fun to make, and the recipe was super easy to follow. For me, the most exciting part is always decorating the cupcakes. I literally have to distract myself during the cooling stage, or else I’ll be bouncing up and down in anticipation! Overall, I’m very pleased with how the cupcakes turned out and I think that they have just the right amount of Patriotic flare. I did add in some red sprinkles for a little extra pop. Take a look at the photos below and let me know your thoughts!


How does your family celebrate the 4th of July, and what are some of your traditions?

Until next time,

Anjhanee ♡

4th cupc




  1. July 7, 2018 / 12:22 am

    These look great.. I love baking too, just don’t do it as often as I’d like..

    • simplyanjhanee
      July 7, 2018 / 9:23 am

      Thank you so much! So do I, but I haven’t been doing it as often either. Trying to get back into it. 💛

    • simplyanjhanee
      July 7, 2018 / 9:24 am

      Thank you so much! 💛

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