morphe x jaclyn hill – the vault collection (swatches)

RETAIL: $49.00 (for vault) or $15.00 (per palette)


ABOUT THE COLLECTION (FROM MORPHE): Get in on the color heist of the year. Jaclyn Hill is giving you the code to a killer vault where she’s stashed her top-secret shades in four badass palettes. JACpot.



It’s been one week since I recieved my Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection! I really wanted to take my time and be able to give a full in-depth review. The reviews for this collection have been very mixed, and a lot of people are not very pleased with the quality. Usually, I like to wait until real reviews start coming out before I purchase something. But, given how highly rated the original Jaclyn Hill Palette was I ended up ordering this collection on the release day! The Vault Collection is said to be made up of shades that didn’t make it into the original Jaclyn Hill Palette, so I expected the quality to be around the same or even better. The collection is made up of four palettes: Armed & Gorgeous, Bling Boss, Dark Magic, and Ring The Alarm. I knew that I wanted to get my hands on at least one of the palettes, maybe two. However, I couldn’t decide on which palette I liked more and the entire collection was pretty reasonably priced- so I decided on just getting the vault!

Let’s talk about packaging! I’m always a sucker for pretty packaging. The palettes come in a white cardboard style case, with a mirror. The overall size of the palettes is a little smaller than I expected, but it does make it a great travel palette. You can definitely throw it in your bag, and take it with you. It’s lightweight and the mirror is a little on the small side, but still usable. One thing that the original Jaclyn Hill Palette did not have, was that the shade names were not listed on the actual palette. With this collection, each shade name is directly under the pan which I really personally like. I also love that the shade names all correlate with the overall heist theme.

Each palette also has these dots on the outside, that actually are colored to go along with the palettes color scheme. Again, I just like little details like that. My only complaint with the packaging is that because they are white, they get super dirty very quickly. The actual magnets that keep the palette closed, pulls color onto it and it looks awful. One week with my palettes, and it looks like I’ve had them for months. But, hey what can you do? When you order the Vault Collection, they all come in this cardboard case that is very cute and a great way to store them. Overall, I find the packaging to be very nice.


Moving on to the actual shades themselves! I have to say that I’m honestly a little disappointed in the performance of the palettes. When I say that each shade is a hit or miss, I really mean that. It’s to the point where it’s a little frustrating when you’re using the palettes, because one shade can be good and then the very next shade is just awful. There’s no continuity within the palettes, whatsoever. It’s almost like you’re using single shadows, because that’s how far off the formula seems to be among the palettes. The shades themselves are all so gorgeous, but it’s only when they are in the pan. Once you start applying to the lid, the majority of colors are very muted and not what you’d expect. I applied the shades both with a primer, and without. I found that a primer or some kind of base, is a must when using these shades. If you apply the shades directly to the lid without a primer, they basically don’t even show up. I always use primers anyway, but a shadow shouldn’t have to have a primer in order to look decent.

There are some very pretty shimmer shades in these palettes, however using them is a challenge. Now, there are a few that are very pigmented but . But, the majority of the shimmer shades are a hot mess. The main issue I was having was that the actual color would just sit on the lid, and would not budge. But, the glitter would spread everywhere. I’m not sure if that’s making any sense, but it was bad. It’s like you’re spreading little specks of glitter all over your lid, but the actual color will not blend out whatsoever. Then you have some of the shimmers that are more on the creamy side, so it’s like applying a paste to your lid. You really have to push hard to get it anywhere near blended, and keep packing shadow on to get the colors true potential to show.


The matte shades are very soft and a little powdery, so depending on the shade there can be a considerable amount of fallout. The mattes too appear very patchy, and heavily muted on the lid. Every now and again you’ll get a matte that has great pigment, but none of the shadows seem to want to blend. When you try and blend them out, you end up just removing what color there is. It grabs at the color that is already there, and instead of blending it just moves that shadow to another part of the lid. You definitely have to go in with a heavy hand, and continuously apply more shadow if you want any of the color to show. But, you also have to be careful not to strip off what you’ve already applied. It take a considerable amount of patience, and work to really be able to create a look with these palettes. The most frustrating part of it all is that the shades themselves are such pretty hues, but it’s such a hassle to get that true color shown. I honestly feel that this collection had amazing potential, but sadly missed the mark!


Overall, I feel that the entire collection could have been a miss for me! The collection is far from ‘user-friendly’, and just seems like a release that was rushed or released before it was fully ready! With eyeshadow palettes especially, quality is key! There are so many eyeshadow palettes out there, so if you’re not going to do it right then just don’t do it at all. What’s odd to me, is that it seems like everyone who has this collection all has a different palette completely. Some are loving the formula, where as others are running into the same issues that I experienced. Products have their faults and everyone has a different opinion, I get that. But, seeing as how this collection was essentially re-called, re-evaluated, and then re-released I feel like there should not be as many issues with the formula as there is. I’m considering returning my palettes, and swapping them out for new ones to see if the performance improves. However, Morphe and Jaclyn Hill stated that all of the faulty palettes were ‘destroyed’ so everyone who purchased a palette should be getting the intended quality. But, if that’s the case why is there still so much inconsistency with the performance? Are we to assume that the formula was just bad to begin with?



Did any of ya’ll pick up any of the palettes from this release? If so, which ones and what are your thoughts? Are any of ya’ll still considering picking this collection up? Take a look at the swatches below, and let me know your favorite shades!


Until next time,

Anjhanee ♡








  1. August 26, 2018 / 11:03 pm

    This was a really good read, it helped me decide not to get the palettes as I was unsure. I loved the originalpalette so much and I actually don’t like some morphe shadows other than the Jh one, as they’re too temperamental!

  2. August 25, 2018 / 6:46 pm

    Absolutely not surprised by your review. It’s exactly when I read and saw on youtube (from the ones who weren’t affiliates).
    There’s something extremely shady about how they were taken off the shelves, repressed in a few weeks and then put back onto the shelves again as if 4 entire palettes can be improved over such a short period of time…
    I feel bad that you bought all of them because that’s the kind of makeup you put in a drawer and never look at again.

  3. August 25, 2018 / 1:34 pm

    The bling boss palette looks stunning ! Great review xx

    • simplyanjhanee
      August 25, 2018 / 5:40 pm

      Thank you so much for showing some love! 😊

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