etsy valentine’s day gift guide ($20 or less)

If it’s handcrafted, vintage, custom, or unique, it’s on Etsy.

That’s Etsy’s slogan, and it’s completely true! Whenever I’m in search of a unique, or customized item I turn to Etsy. With a name like Anjhaneè, the only way I’ll get my name on anything is if I pay for it! You can find just about anything on the site, and nine times out of ten it can be customized. Over the years I’ve gotten many gifts for others or items for myself from Etsy, and I’m always pleased! I also love to shop small and support growing businesses when I can and Etsy is made up of so many creators and small business owners!

I’ve decided that instead of doing a Valentine’s gift guide combined with items from several different places, let’s keep it all on Etsy! And to save a little money for all those valentine’s day extracurriculars such as dinners, flowers, or special events let’s keep the gift at a reasonable price! I don’t feel that you have to spend an excessive amount on something just to show someone how much you care. It’s the thought that counts, not the price tag.

Whether your valentine is a significant other, a best friend, or even a relative – you don’t want to be caught giftless on the big day! I’ve compiled a list of items that piqued my interest while scrolling through Etsy in the past couple of days. Perhaps you’ll find something for your Valentine on this list!

Side note: For some reason, it wouldn’t allow me to direct link to the shops so if you’re interested in a particular item, enter the shop name in the search on Etsy’s website! Also, the prices included are just for the items themselves. The shipping rate varies based on location, so I did not include any shipping fees! I say that because this is a $20 or less guide, but adding in shipping could take it over $20.

*All photos included in this post are stock photos taken from the shop’s Esty page. I do not own the photos!


Reminisce on where you fell in love with this custom heart map! Select a town, city, or country that has a special meaning to you and your loved one. Add in a special date, your names, and just like that, you’ve created a heartfelt masterpiece! This is probably my favorite item on this gift guide, and one of the items that I’ve already purchased! Can’t wait to gift this one to my boyfriend, and hang it up in our home. This item does not come with a frame, it’s only the print so if you’re considering this item be prepared to purchase a frame.


  • Build Your Own Love Story Print or Card – $13.61 (Print) or $6.13 (Card) by ChicWeddingDesignsCo

image 0

This item is super cute and completely customizable! This is the type of gift that I feel would be great for your significant other. You can customize the hair, clothing, and skin tone of the figures to mirror your own appearance. You can also get your names, and a quote of your choice added to the image. The print would be a lovely memento to display in your home and be forever reminded of the one you love most. I’ve gotten prints from Etsy before, and it’s so easy. Once you have your print, you find a nice frame and it’s done! My favorite shops for affordable and stylish frames are usually Target, TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory, Burke’s Outlet, or Marshall’s. I’m always drawn to gifts that have a personal touch, and this one hit’s the mark. If you rather the card version, the inside is blank so you can scribble in those x’s and o’s at your heart’s content!


Keeping with the card theme, this one is perfect for your bestie! No lover, no problem. Celebrate Galentine’s day with this ultra cute card dedicated to friendship. Unlike the previous gift, this item is only available in a card. But, it’s still customizable with a blank inside to write in your favorite moments shared with your best friend.


This is a gift that would be perfect for anyone on your list! I love the idea behind The Traveling Sign, and will definitely be purchasing one. What you do is hang this sign in your home (or gift it immediately – your choice) and the idea is to have the sign up as a daily reminder of how loved you are. When you see or feel that someone else needs that daily reminder more than you do, you pass it on to them. Then, this sign can hang in their home and be a reminder of love for them, as it was to you. And then they pass it on, and it the cycle continues. The whole concept is so cool, and something that I had never heard of before. There are more details about this item on the seller’s posting, and I’d definitely recommend checking it out! This is just an all-around sweet gift idea for any time of year,


This item is available in various styles and is the perfect gift for a significant other, as the designs feature a couple. When I first spotted this item I just couldn’t get over how cute of an idea it is. It’s a functional gift that would be a great conversation piece in your home, office, or wherever you decide to display it. This item is especially perfect if you have a music lover in your life, as they may really take a liking to the vinyl record look.


Sex is part of nature. I go along with nature.”― Marilyn Monroe

Looking to shake things up? Try out this Naughty Set, that comes in a keepsake box with 20 Tokens that are advertised to spice up your sex life. Need I say more?


  • Custom Valentine’s Day Boxer/Sock Set -$12.00 (Socks Only) $16.00 (Boxers Only) $20.00/$22.00 (Set of Both by KOYSARsocks

It’s your’s, so claim it with this matching ‘Property Of…’ boxer and sock combo that’s perfect for that special someone in your life. You can either select both items (which is over $20, oops) or select one or the other (boxers or socks). The items come in a cute sheer drawstring bag, so it’s ready to be gifted.


  • Personalized Valentine’s Scratch-Off Love Coupons -$14.95 by AshleyPahl

I’m a fan of love coupons and have made my own in the past! My version was certainly not scratch-off coupons, but these are super neat. Owe a special someone a back massage? A day trip? A date night? You can customize your coupons to say whatever you want! Have fun watching your loved one scratching them off one by one to see what the coupon reveals. You can also customize the color of the coupons, and they come in a Valentine’s themed bag that is perfect for gifting.


What’s better than a candle? A candle with a cute label, of course! You can also create your own custom label to really tell your valentine how you feel! The candles from this shop are soy, cruelty-free, and vegan. This is the kind of gift that is great for anyone, and this shop also makes wax melts so there’s something for everyone. If you’re a candle lover like myself, I’d definitely recommend checking out this shop!


No matter how you plan on spending Valentine’s Day, I hope that your day is filled with love!

This is my first time doing a gift guide, so let me know your thoughts! I thought I’d challenge myself by keeping it all on one site.


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  1. February 13, 2019 / 1:00 pm

    There are so very original ideas in here! Have you tried any of them? (please say the sex set LOL)
    If I had to choose one, I’d go for the map where we first met, I find it so thoughtful and it looks great!

  2. deannasstilwell
    January 31, 2019 / 6:45 pm

    Great post! Might DIY a few of these and save up for the vinyl clock because that is such a dope gift idea!

    • simplyanjhanee
      February 1, 2019 / 10:44 am

      A few of these would make great DIY projects, for sure. I love the vinyl clock too, really considering getting one myself. Thank you so much for stopping by, and showing some love! (:

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